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June 2019

~Consider This~

     Let’s step into the time-travel machine together, and set the dial to 2004.  If my shaky math skills are correct, that calculates to 15 years ago.  The scene: I am babysitting our eldest grandson, Aidan.  My plan is to load his car seat into my pick-up truck, and since there is no back seat, Aidan will be strapped-in beside me in the front seat.  My plan is to drive to the Bangor Mall, where I will spend some time rolling his stroller around the stores. So off we go, me behind the steering wheel with one-year-old Aidan snugged-into his seat beside me.

     Fast forward 15 years, specifically, to this past Friday.  Aidan now has his driver’s permit, and he needs to build-up his hours so he can eventually apply for his license.  I suggest we hit the road together so he can do some driving. So what do we do?  I hand the keys to my truck (a different version from 15 years ago) to Aidan as he jumps-in behind the steering wheel, while I buckle-up beside him in the passenger seat. As he cautiously backs out of our driveway, I suggest we go to the mall so I can pick something up at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  So off we go.  Suddenly, it hits me.  HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?  HOW CAN IT BE THAT AIDAN IS BEHIND THE STEERING WHEEL, WHILE I AM STRAPPED INTO THE PASSENGER SEAT?  A flood of memories from the past 15 years careened through my mind as we made our way to Bangor. 

     A wise man shared this with me regarding the passage of time:  “Time is like going downhill on a toboggan; the farther you go, the faster you go!”  It’s true, isn’t it?  As the pop band Chicago sings about in their 70’s hit titled Beginnings: “Time passes much too quickly, when we’re together laughing…”

Indeed it is true; while there are periods when time seems to slow to a crawl, most of the time it seems the days, months and years of the calendar fly by.

     Psalm 90 has become a favorite of mine after my driving-time with Aidan.  Written by Moses, verse 12 includes “Teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  These wonderful words from Moses encourage us to treat each day as a gift, acknowledging that each day brings both joys and challenges.  This psalm also reminds us our time is not limitless, so let us not squander these days away. Instead, may we embrace each day, receiving the precious gifts of love and grace from our Creator God, as we also share these gifts with each other. 

     I’m looking forward to sharing time with you this Sunday!


Sharing Scripture

Teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)

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