Staying Connected

….A newsletter from the desk of Pastor Steve-Orono United Methodist Church….

September 2017

~Consider This~

     Trivia: The first ever TV commercial aired on July 7, 1941 on New York’s WNBC-TV (the ad was for Bulova watches.)  Advertising has always been an important factor in growing a business.   Want someone to try your product?  You’ve got to spend some bucks and advertise!  Yet anyone successfully involved with marketing/advertising will tell you that nothing beats word of mouth advertising and personal invitations.  When someone has a good experience at a store, a restaurant, or product, that person will typically tell a friend about it.  Lots of bucks are spent on slick advertising newspaper, radio and TV campaigns, but these methods pale in comparison to the effectiveness of word-of-mouth advertising.

     Here’s a question for you: What is your experience like attending church with us?  Is it pleasant, meaningful and inspirational?  Do you appreciate what happens on Sunday mornings during worship and at other times during the week when we gather?  Then here’s an idea….why not do some word of mouth advertising and tell a friend? 

     As we head into the month of September, our church family will be placing some ads in local newspapers, and the Orono Observer.  These ads will highlight what will soon be happening at our church, including a new after-school program for elementary students called “After school at 36 Oak!” (please see enclosed flyer.)  We will also be gathering at Governor’s Restaurant in September to help raise funds for Dr. Kelli’s medical mission’s trip to Haiti.  Bible and topical studies will be offered twice each week, along with a youth service program being organized by our church via the high school, other youth outings/gatherings, and opportunities to be part of other church programs including our wonderful choir.  And of course, we get together every Sunday morning to be inspired as we learn, laugh, sing and support each other. 

     Did you know our church was the first established in Orono?  As I was looking through some church records stored at the Fogler Library on the U-Maine campus recently, I came across this information: “The church was formed as part of the "Bangor circuit".  It was set apart in 1829 for the Town of Orono. The church was incorporated July 18, 1835 as the Oak Street Chapel Society. The parsonage was built in 1838. In 1841-42, the Chapel Society became the Methodist Church and in 1867 the church was remodeled. The church still exists today.” One of the reasons “the church still exists today” is because through the years, people have been spreading the word through word of mouth advertising.  As we head into a new year of church programming and activities, let’s spread the word and invite others to join us!